Types Of Warts

type of wartsThere are several different types of warts and they may appear on different areas of human body. Some of them are planar warts that are commonly found on the sides and soles of your feet. There are also facial warts that can be found on your face, common warts can be found on feet and hands, some periungual warts can be found under the nails and lastly the genital warts in men and genital warts in women.

Why are the dangers of Genital Warts ?

Normally , most kinds of warts are harmless but the genital warts need be taken more seriously as they are a form of sexually transmitted diseases caused by human papillomavirus also called HPV. In addition vaginal warts may cause complications in the cervix that could lead to cervical cancer in women. They are also likely to cause issues during pregnancy because of wart enlargement by creating difficulties while urinating.

If genital warts are found on vaginal walls, it may cause reduction in capability of the pregnant woman in terms of vaginal tissues not stretching when it is time to give birth to the baby. In some rare cases the warts can develop in babies born to the mothers that are infected by genital warts.

Getting rid of warts, in some cases might even require surgery to ensure that the airway is void of obstruction. Therefore, it is vital to treat the genital warts with a proper genital wart treatment, especially in situations where individuals are experiencing discomfort and pain from these warts as well as, to prevent them from being transmitted to your spouse or sexual partners.

Although it is a fact that some of them do go away all by themselves and do not need any wart treatment at all. But if you have STD warts that are giving you the different symptoms such as pain, itching and burning you need to obtain proper genital wart treatment.

Can a genital warts reappear after using a wart remover treatment ?

Remember all genital warts are not visible, but those having obvious symptoms of genital warts might make you feel conscious of them and might require the use of a good genital wart treatment for getting rid of them permanently and quickly. Even in case where you treat these warts the HPVs are still likely to linger and as a result the warts may actually reappear.

What warts remover options are available?

You can turn to many treatment for warts options available for those who have actually acquired the HPV infection. The wart treatment includes different kind of medication like creams. You can also perform several different kinds of surgeries in order to remove the bigger and more stubborn warts. These surgeries include laser treatment, burning by using electric current, freezing and surgical excision. You may also try some home remedies such as green tea catechins vinegar, castor and aloe oil. These home remedies will give you relief from these HPV warts symptoms.

What is the best genetal wart treatment method?

However the best method available for the wart treatment is using Wartrol genital wart relief. It is a potent and natural product for your genital wart treatment.